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How To stop Facebook Hacking from the Hackers

Facebook is a most populor social networking site and it has the largest population in internet and it has 500 million active users due to its popularity many hackers trys to hack the accounts so we can provide the knowledge about the how to stop the hacking from hackers.
Hackers can hack the users account by first hacking the email address then hackers can hack the account by entering the password by trial and error methods and hackes the account

Prevent Facebook Hacking
Prevent Facebook Hacking
How to hide mail address in facebook account:
->.Go to your profile and then go to edit profile >Contact info then click on email address
      and then set it as "Only Me"
->.Change your primary mail address by changing only know to you to do this you can  go to
     your accounts setting then go to  email > Change your primary email mail with "Only Me"
     and remove your primary mail address.
->.Then set the additional security by going to the account settings and then click on "secure      browsing"and then click on "send me an email when a new computer/mobile device  logs into my    account and then click on "save"

Allways Keep Your settings Like this :

Always You Must Keep Your Settings in the Following Format you must do some most important
settings as the first and important one is enable your Secure Browsing in the settings and
then enable your Login Notifications and another important setting you must Always keep Enabled
as Login Approvals this login approval setting will gives more protection when any one are trying
to login the text code sends the to your mobile for login so hackers will not hach because
they need to enter the code that sent to the mobile so in this way you can stongly protect your
Facebook account
Facebook Login Approvals
Facebook Login Approvals

Remove all your sesssions exept the current session so that if any body Hacked your your account
they will not find any information about you in this way you can strongly protect your Facebook Account.
Facebook Security Settings
Facebook Security Settings

Some Most Important Tips to Stop Hacking Of your Facebook:

1.Allways You Must logout After your Session Completed do not leave your Account without Logout
2.You Must and Should Brows in a Secure Breowsing Mode like https:// To do this you can do your settings as
      ->Go to your settings First  
      ->Then Go to Your Secure Browsing Section
      ->Check out the box and click on Save
3.You Must and Should Enable Your Login Notifications
4.You Must and Make sure remove the Email address From Facebook Account
5.You Must Use your Password as UnGusseble for hackers and for you Rememberable password.
6.Must Enable your Cell Phone Login approval settings it will gives you More security
7.Maximum Access your Facebook Account from your own computer. if you used any other computers you must logout before you leave that computer
8.Dont use your Passwords as Gussebles ones like your profile name or 123456.asdfgh etc...
9.You do not Install Suspicious applications in your device that will detect all of your activities 
10.You Must use safe and Secure Browser and check for viress free or not 
11.Use good antivirus softeware for your Device that will protect From suspicious applications enter into your sysytem
12.Donot share your Email and Password to anybody 
13.allways make sure your logout before leave.

This tips will helpful for you to make your Facebook Secure From the Hackers

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