Thursday, 23 October 2014

Twitter Tips and Tricks latest

Set a Schedule For Automatic Future Tweets:

To set a Schedule For Future tweets means send your tweets at a specific time in the future
or send tweets for daily at a specific time for every day or month or year at a specific time
So this will useful in sending the birthday and marriage and all the wishes to your beloved ones at a scheduled time so using this you cant forgot to wish your beloved ones.
To Do this Scheduling you must go to the and sign up or login for free and schedule your tweets there or go to tweetDesk or Buffer then you can send tweets to your beloved ones without forgetting the occasion its very useful.

Deleting The Location From Your Twitter Account: 

Deleting Location From Twitter
Purpose: To Delete the location from your Twitter for New tweets and older tweets.
In sometimes, you don't want to show your location to all. if you want to change or delete the Location for your all tweets you must follow the below process.
Login you twitter account and then go to the Settings and then Go to the Securitythere you can see Delete all Location Button then click on that Button after clicking your Location removes from all your Current and old tweets. It's one of the twitter feature you may not know.

Set up Time to  Mobile Alerts From twitter:

Mobile Alerts From Twitter

Purpose: To Set up Time to Your Mobile Alerts on twitter
There is a option to receive a mobile alerts from twitter at our convenience time this mobile alerts are very useful because if we are not in the working of the twitter if our friends and colleagues are want to connect as at that time we can loose that and if our friends are working in the different time zones they can contact and connect in the different times so this trick is very useful to in this situations 

Go to twitter and login using your user id and password and after login go to the mobile section
and add your mobile number there if you are not added if added already then go to the settings
then change the settings for  your convenient time that all you can receive the notifications 
and alerts in your mentioned best time.


How To Gain More Followers in Twitter:

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Purpose: To gain More followers on twitter account
It is Easy now to Gain more followers in twitter by using the Small tricks and tips so you can get the more followers easily by engaging and Re tweeting very interesting posts and by using a good profile picture.

The easiest way of the Gaining more followers in twitter is follow the most popular leaders and celebrity's and sports persons political leaders and film stars and most influencing people in the world these people or celebrities having the more fans and followers so the highest numbers are following this celebrities so you must follow the this great influencing persons and persons so there is a more possibilities to  get there followers to your followers it is easier to get the more followers and you must always tweet most influencing posts and maintain a good profile picture

If Your Used this Tricks and Tips  Make Comment  on your Experience or How These  tips and
tricks are working


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