Saturday, 25 October 2014

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Tips and Tricks to increase uTorrent download speed :

All the better quality movies and mp3 songs, audios, videos, games, softwares are  first comes in the uTorents But we are trouble in the downloading of this with high speed generally that are downloads very slow to resolve this problem we can provide some tips and tricks to increase your uTorent Download Speed.

Turn Off Your windows Firewall :

Very easy trick is  turnOFF your Firewall or turn ON the Firewall Exception this will increase your uTorents download speed very high. because there is no mediator between the network and the system and there is no wastage of the conversion time so directly comes to your system so uTorrents Downloading  speed increases More to do this you can go to Control panel then go to System and Security then go to Windows firewall there you can find an option windows Firewall ON or OFF then you can Disable it like in the figure .

Turn Off windows Firewall
          Turn Off windows Firewall 

Save Port in uTorrents:

To increase your Speed of your uTorrents Download you must save the port in the uTorrents for do this you must need to go into the uTorrents option there you can change the settings to do this go to uTorrents option and choose the  connection  from the preferences that is in new window after it a small window will appear select any one port from it.this will helps to increase your speed of the uTorrents.

Save Port in uTorrents
                             Save Port

Hide your ISP from network:

ISP means Internet Service Provider. Many times the ISP can be blocks at the time of the Downloading  this is one of the major problem at the time of downloading to resolve this you can use a connection encryption service like BTGurd for hide your can allow's you to download with a Rapid Speed and it is easy to setup but do this you need to open an account after this go to the  torrent client option and select  option and connect then you can get a high speed.


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