Friday, 24 October 2014

How to Secure a Wireless Wi-Fi Network

Protect Your Wireles Network:

wi-fi Security 
There are Many reasons to Protect your Wireless Network because to protect from the hackers and to avoid the slowness of the normal internet connection.if your data is limited then you can loose the data Unauthorised persons. if the Unauthorised persons are hacked they can enjoy the wi-fi without
paying of the money and access of your Files and data and always the hackers and intruders trying to access the unsecured networks always try to look who is  unsecured and finds the accessibility of the networks for free .by setting of some settings you can avoid a un security problems by following some precautions and protect your network very securely.

Encrypt your Wi-Fi internet Network:

When you are using the wireless network each and every piece of the data can be sent into the air that can be easily cacheable for everyone with the using of some tools  the hackers can find which website you're using or accessing and they can also know's your login details and password and username all the details of your account. Encryption is a method for converting the data into some symbolic or in other formats it cannot understand the hackers and intruders By using of this  method, the hacker or intruders cannot decode or find or understand your data directly

there are 2 encryption methods to protect the network that are WAP(wired Equivalent Privacy)
and WPA(Wireless Protected Access) but these are free tools to allow everyone  encryption by using
brute force method to use and Protect  or Provide high security Must Use the WPA2 it is the latest
technology and slandered for highest protection Make sure the devices which support the Wap2 encryption and use the Strong encryption method and use the mixture of the words and don't use common words.

Must Use Strong Passwords for your router:

Most of the users can't use the strong passwords for their network they can use default passwords for their network, it is the biggest mistake the hackers and intruders can use this and very easily track the passwords the manufacturer cannot be able to give the strongest passwords to the users because they can give the option to the users to change their username and password to their choice so you must change your user name and password very strong using mixture of letters and numbers.

Must Change Your Default SSID:

SSID  means Service Set Identifier its a name of your Wireless Network the default name is the manufacturer name itself with model number the hackers can easily find its ssid by using some methods so you can change by your own and do not broadcast your ssid if you're broadcast it the hacker can easily find out your network details using ssid so do not broadcast it.

Check for Connected Devices and Turnoff Guest Networking:

Guest Network

Every Router has the option to display which devices are connected to that router so you can check regularly for finding of the how many and which devices are connected to your network if you see unknown devices then turn off Guest networking because guest networkings are allowed the others to using of you'r networks so you can turn off the guest networking.

Enable Mack address Based Filtering:

MAC address identifies Each and every device is connected to your network Mac address is the mixture of the alphanumeric Key separated by the commas by enabling of MAC address based filtering allows the users or devices having only particular MAC address if you want give them to a connection you/owner must enter mac address to allow them to connect so without owners permission the others cannot connect so you must enable MAC address Filtering.

Up to date your Firmware Daily:

Keep up to date your daily because  router vendors regularly release the firmware you should daily check the vendors website for regular for updations and if it changes you can update your firmware gently .

Reduce the signal range and Turn off network:

you must Reduce the signal strength for avoiding of the caching of your network from hackers if hackers are connected to your network low signal will cause the slower connection to the hackers so they cannot use it if you're not using your network you can turn off your network to avoid the hackers if you not turn off then hacker has the long time to hack your network so don't give the opportunity
to hack your network so you can turn off your network when you are not using it.

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