Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Find out who visiting your facebook profile Daily

We are discussing one of the interesting technique in the facebook that you may not be knows
To Check and know who are visiting  your facebook Profile  daily  or recently or all the members or people watching your Facebook Profile up to Now. and also watch their facebook profile and all the details about them like their recent activities and their friends and their likes and posts and all about them to do this you have to follow the process and do it now.


To do this you First you have to go to your Facebook  account  and login your facebook account by using your mail and password . then go to your timeline which is beside of your home button  or click on your profile name which can displays your profile then you can  view  your profile source code by entering CTRL+U  and then  go to the source code and in the source code page you can enter the CTRL+F  then it displays a small search box at the right side top of your profile source code then you can enter the or type in that box with  Friends list then it can displays (image1) and goes to the friends list with marked color  beside of the friends list you can find some numbers like in the image2 then you can select the only numbers like "100003845231093" and don't copy the -2 after copying of the number you can past like "" then it can displays a profile who are watched your profile then watch their details and enjoy this trick

source code1

source code2
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source code4

In Short:
1.Go to your Facebook Profile Page

2. Viwe source code or enter Cntr+U

3. Enter Ctrl+F and then Enter in search Type Friends list  then you can find the Friends list beside

  of the friends list there are some Numbers  copy one of that Number .

4.Past it in the Browser like this http// then click enter

then you will find the friends profile


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