Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Difference Between 916 and 24 kdm Gold

KDM Gold:

It is a Gold Jewelry that  jewelry was marked with a KDM stamp which means that  Jewelry was made and finished  with kdm or Cadmium. another Name of Cadmium is 'Kadium' in some of the areas. KDM was  used in soldering of gold And jewelry for kdm Natural good properties of  melting Nature at very lower temperatures, No other metal is like this Metal KDM is Famous  to create many toxic fumes when melted at temperature, which are very Harmful to health, the making of gold jewelry with cadmium some of the countries banned the usage of the Cadmium.So the cadmium have good nature also have some defaults.

916 Gold :

24 carat Gold is the 100% pure gold  which is The Standard gold  and 22 carat or ornamental gold is called as 916 gold which means 91.6%  pure gold and the rest percentage is  includes metals like silver ,copper and other metals  to get tensile strength to compatible  making.

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