Thursday, 30 October 2014

Computer Security Tips and Tricks


Nowadays Computer security is Most important  For Everyone To  protect the information from Hackers and intruders all are must careful on the Maintaining the Security for your Data.and computer and network day to day the technology was improving  and also the hackers and intruders also increasing like the technology growth and now a days it is important  task for everyone to maintain security from the hackers so we are giving some of the tips and tricks to maintain security to your system yourself. to maintain the security to your system and network You Must and Should Follow The Below Tips


Firewall Protection
Firewall Protection

Firewall Can protects your System From the incoming and outgoing connections to your System Firewall is the mediator between the network and the system or user Firewall can allows only the secured and trusted networks only Firewall can controls the system security and controls the system through incoming and outgoing Tropic of the network and the firewalls provide the highest accuracy security to the network it will protect the both hardware and software of the system and the network so the firewall plays an important role in providing the security so Must use the FireWall.


Antivirus Security
Antivirus Security

Must use the Standard antivirus software to protect your system there are powerful anti virus Softwares are available for Free use that Standard Softwares. Antivirus is software  mainly Used to prevent or detect and remove the virus.Antivirus software gives the protection to your system from malware and threats and spam and online attacks and many more and antivirus prevents and detects and removes the malware and spyware so must use Standered antivirus software
Some Of the tips to Virus Detection and prevention:
Must and should Check with antivirus software if any connection made to your system and files are downloaded from the internet and also must check if any external hard disk is connected to your system if any malware find first remove it then only you can receive the data. Do not open the any files attached your email directly without knowing it.and you must careful in downloading the any files from internet.and must check and scan your system daily for protection and always be careful for security.


Password Security
Password Security
Must use complicated password to protect from the Hackers and Intruders. Password security is most important and protects your system very strongly.To provide the good security you must use the mixture of the numbers and letters  and capital and small letters because if you use the only single pattern the hackers can easily decode it finds your password so must and should use the strong password for your system .and also use your rememberable passwords strong passwords for strong and good protection


Always check and Update the System to Protect from the security issues.always Check and scan with antivirus software to remove and prevent malware.and check for updates because if your forgotten to update you softwares like antivirus if its validity is compleated then you are at danger zone if any antivirus attacks your system directly it can infect your system so always check for updates and if you found any need to update you must update and protect your system  and can be at safe zone.

How To Clear Cache in Crome Browser AutoMatically.

Open your Googel Crome Browser  and then click on the Cusomise and Controle Google crome 

Button which is Rite side Top corner Of The Browser.

Select the History Option and select the options like this

then click on the clear browsing data for clean all your current browsing history.and select the time


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