Sunday, 26 October 2014

The 5 Best apps to watch videos Real Time online with your Friends Together

For watching videos with your friends together online in the real time there are already a popular google hangouts are there but there are some other best apps will be there with some extra features and good workability let us go through the great and best apps.

First one is watch2gether app:

Using of this app you can easily connect and watch videos with your friends together  online in real time and at same time and this app will not ask you to start this app  you must go to the home page of  Watch2gether( and there you can click on the 'Create a Room' and then type your temper Nickname then this will takes you to chat room there you can add friends and chat and invite them to watch2gether the videos online at Realtime and you have another options to create a new room and invite your friends to join in that room or join a room which is already exists and then start the watch videos together with friends at real time  by using this app you can watch the parties and functions and any other events with your friends together and it has the options to watch videos from youtube, DailyMotion listen  music from the sound cloud so using this you can enjoy the waching2gether.

Second one is InstaSync app:

Using this app you can sync your friend to watch videos online together at realtime from the many video sources like youtube videos and some other video sources it can allow's only the free films only and also it includes many of the full-length movies and also it includes recent and in theater films that are released and in theaters and running movies also to use  this app you can setup entire playlist for watch with friends using InstaSync to do this  Go to  homepage( enter your nickname there and if you want to list your room as Public then it will displays on the home page displays as a public then other viewers can be  watch you watching videos instantly and realtime
and you can enjoy the videos and chatting with friends and sharing your opinions with all members.


Third one is TogetherTube app:

In this app also there is no need of registration but user want to register then his wish to register there
In this TogetherTube is different from the above two because in this together tube all the members and  all group of members in a democratic manner  it will gives a wonderful experience the video is selected  based on the group of friends by discussions which is interesting or not so it gives a good and best way to select a video if not selected in the democratic manner somebody will not interested to watch this video so it has the best option to watch the video with this every member has to be mention his own choice  to watch video. By Chat every person gives his choice to selection of video on the basis of the majority of the choices given video can be selected to watch in the chat and virtual'room' and if you want to join in the public rooms and enjoy the watching of the videos with your friend together at real time.

Together Tube

Fourth one is Sync Video app:

To use this app you must and should register because of the security issues and it can provides the more privacy and security to the users and it allows the users to watch the videos online with friends for free sync video will provides the full security for use this sync video user must be register the registration is also free.after the Registration the sync video will gives you the permanent account  that is called the 'room' that can be usable for anywhere and anytime and you can change your nickname any time and and create the rooms for free and invite the friends and watch videos and save that vides for later watch and if you want to make your room as public you can make it as any time and watch videos in real-time with friends.

sync video
sync video

Fifth one is  MyCircle TV app:

My circle tv allows the users to watch videos online in real time together  and  create a new group and join in a new group and also allows the users to make voice chat with friends at the time of watching videos online in real time so the users can express their feelings with their group members and all the friends and in this there is no  need to register if user want to register then only register and it is a free service if you want to invite friends from facebook, twitter and email then there is a facility to invite and login using social accounts and here the My circle tv provides 5gb of space to upload the mp4 videos and it is for only registered members if you want to use it simply you can use it and enjoy the app.
My circle tv
Mycircle tv

Note: If you are using this service  then please comment on out of this all which one is best for you               then it will useful for other users.


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