Thursday, 12 November 2015

How to Create a PDF online for free

How to Create  a PDF online for free.

PDf means Portable Document Format its name itself tells us the portability we can use this for File attachments and we can place hyperlinks, media files and we can highlight the text it can use images and graphics we provide the authentication to it and secure the data.

You can create a PDF file many Formats that are MS word, PowerPoint, Exel, HTML, Text with online PDF creator. To create free online PDF you must go to the Soda PDF online Service to do the you Have to Follow the  below tips and tricks To do PDF online you need not download the softwares Soda PDF Online Service Can work directly online there are two different ways to create the PDF online they are
Free pdf  Converter
Free pdf  Converter

Using Quick Converter:

It is one of the Easiest Method to Create a PDF online Very Quickly By using of the quick PDF converter service you must Upload a selected file in soda PDF online service and then enter your Email ID to receive the new PDF link and then Click on Creat PDF.

online Pdf  Converter
online Pdf  Converter

Using My Files:

To get this format of PDF Go to my file section and then go  to mark the file to be Create in PDF and then click on the Create PDF which is right side of the screen then it creates the PDF it is very easy and simple  to create a PDF file for free with your compatibility.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

How To stop Facebook Hacking from the Hackers

Facebook is a most populor social networking site and it has the largest population in internet and it has 500 million active users due to its popularity many hackers trys to hack the accounts so we can provide the knowledge about the how to stop the hacking from hackers.
Hackers can hack the users account by first hacking the email address then hackers can hack the account by entering the password by trial and error methods and hackes the account

Prevent Facebook Hacking
Prevent Facebook Hacking
How to hide mail address in facebook account:
->.Go to your profile and then go to edit profile >Contact info then click on email address
      and then set it as "Only Me"
->.Change your primary mail address by changing only know to you to do this you can  go to
     your accounts setting then go to  email > Change your primary email mail with "Only Me"
     and remove your primary mail address.
->.Then set the additional security by going to the account settings and then click on "secure      browsing"and then click on "send me an email when a new computer/mobile device  logs into my    account and then click on "save"

Allways Keep Your settings Like this :

Always You Must Keep Your Settings in the Following Format you must do some most important
settings as the first and important one is enable your Secure Browsing in the settings and
then enable your Login Notifications and another important setting you must Always keep Enabled
as Login Approvals this login approval setting will gives more protection when any one are trying
to login the text code sends the to your mobile for login so hackers will not hach because
they need to enter the code that sent to the mobile so in this way you can stongly protect your
Facebook account
Facebook Login Approvals
Facebook Login Approvals

Remove all your sesssions exept the current session so that if any body Hacked your your account
they will not find any information about you in this way you can strongly protect your Facebook Account.
Facebook Security Settings
Facebook Security Settings

Some Most Important Tips to Stop Hacking Of your Facebook:

1.Allways You Must logout After your Session Completed do not leave your Account without Logout
2.You Must and Should Brows in a Secure Breowsing Mode like https:// To do this you can do your settings as
      ->Go to your settings First  
      ->Then Go to Your Secure Browsing Section
      ->Check out the box and click on Save
3.You Must and Should Enable Your Login Notifications
4.You Must and Make sure remove the Email address From Facebook Account
5.You Must Use your Password as UnGusseble for hackers and for you Rememberable password.
6.Must Enable your Cell Phone Login approval settings it will gives you More security
7.Maximum Access your Facebook Account from your own computer. if you used any other computers you must logout before you leave that computer
8.Dont use your Passwords as Gussebles ones like your profile name or 123456.asdfgh etc...
9.You do not Install Suspicious applications in your device that will detect all of your activities 
10.You Must use safe and Secure Browser and check for viress free or not 
11.Use good antivirus softeware for your Device that will protect From suspicious applications enter into your sysytem
12.Donot share your Email and Password to anybody 
13.allways make sure your logout before leave.

This tips will helpful for you to make your Facebook Secure From the Hackers

Friday, 31 October 2014

Android Secret Codes and Android Mobile Tips and Tricks very Useful.

Android Secret Codes
Android Secret Codes

Code symbol  : *#0*#                                                              
Usage:  For entering the service menu on the mobile
Code symbol *#06#  
Usage: For Checking the IMEI of Your Mobile
Code  : *#228#
 Usage: For Using ADC reading
Code  :*#0228#
 Usage:  For Checking the Battery Status
Code  :*#9090# or*#1111#
 Usage:   For Making the mobile in the service mode
Code  :*#*#4636#*#*  
 Usage: For knowing the battery and Statistics of Usage
Code symbol : *#*#34971539#*#*
Usage: For getting all information about the Camera of your mobile
Code symbol :*#12580*369#
Usage: For Getting all the information about the software and hardware of your mobile phone
Code symbol :#7353#
Usage: for hiding of your test menu2 or for self-test mode of your mobile
Code symbol :##7764726
Usage: for hiding of service menu Motorola mobile
Code symbol :*#*#273283*255*663282*#*#*
Usage: For using  backup all  media files in your  mobile
Code symbol : *#*#232338#*#*
Usage: for displaying the Mac address of the Wi-Fi
Code symbol :*#7465625#
Usage: for Check the status of the lock-phone
Code symbol : *#*#3264#*#*
Usage: For showing the RAM version
Code symbol :  *#*#44336#*#*
Usage:for displaying the build time and for changing list number
Code symbol : *#*#232337#*#
Usage: for checking and know  your display devices Bluetooth addresses
Code symbol :*#*#197328640#*#*
Usage: For enabling the test mode service
Code symbol : *#*#8351#*#*
Usage:  To setting  and enable voice dial mode for your mobile
Code symbol : *#*#8350#*#*
Usage:for  disable the enabled voice dial mode of your mobile
Code symbol : *#*#0842#*#*                    
Usage: for testing the backlight or vibration mode of your mobile
Code symbol : *#*#2664#*#*
Usage: for testing Tough screen of your mobile
Code symbol : *#*#0289#*#*
Usage: For testing the Audio of your mobile phone
Code symbol  : *#*#0*#*#*
Usage: for testing the LCD display
Code symbol  : *#*#232331#*#*
Usage: for testing the Bluetooth of any android mobiles
Code symbol : *#*#0283#*#*
Usage : for testing the packet look-back
Code symbol  : *#*#1575#*#*
Usage: for setting the advanced GPS
Code symbol  : *#*#1472365#*#*
Usage  : for  setting the Quick GPS
Code symbol  : *#*#0588#*#*
Usage: for testing the Proximity Sensor
Code symbol  : *#*#7262626#*#*
Usage :Using for Field testing
Code symbol  : *#*#232339#*#*
Usage: for checking and testing the Wireless LAN network
Code symbol  : *#9090#
Usage: for diagnose the Device Configuration
Code symbol : *#872564#
Usage: for controlling of the USB logging
Code symbol : *#9900#
Usage:Using for System Dump Mode
Code symbol : *#*#7780#*#*
Usage: Using for  Resetting of the Factory State
Code symbol : *2767*3855#
Usage: Using for the total format of the Android Device
Code symbol :*#*#4986*2650468#*#*
Usage: Using for getting PDA and Phone, hardware and RF call date
Code  symbol : *#*#1234#*#*
Usage:  Using for know the  details about  pda and firmware versions of the android device
Code  symbol : *#*#1111#*#*
Usage: Using for Know the FTA software version of your android mobile
Code symbol : *#*#2222#*#*
Usage: Using for Know the FTA  Hardware version of your android mobile
Code symbol : *#*#7594#*#*
Usage: Using for Enabling the power Button Behavior  of Once code
Code symbol : *#*#8255#*#*
Usage: Using for Launch the Google talk Monitor service.

If you're using this codes please give Give the feedback it will be very useful for increasing  the efficiency of the codes and any data given in this post and it can be very useful for the others so please give the feedback for this post.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Computer Security Tips and Tricks


Nowadays Computer security is Most important  For Everyone To  protect the information from Hackers and intruders all are must careful on the Maintaining the Security for your Data.and computer and network day to day the technology was improving  and also the hackers and intruders also increasing like the technology growth and now a days it is important  task for everyone to maintain security from the hackers so we are giving some of the tips and tricks to maintain security to your system yourself. to maintain the security to your system and network You Must and Should Follow The Below Tips


Firewall Protection
Firewall Protection

Firewall Can protects your System From the incoming and outgoing connections to your System Firewall is the mediator between the network and the system or user Firewall can allows only the secured and trusted networks only Firewall can controls the system security and controls the system through incoming and outgoing Tropic of the network and the firewalls provide the highest accuracy security to the network it will protect the both hardware and software of the system and the network so the firewall plays an important role in providing the security so Must use the FireWall.


Antivirus Security
Antivirus Security

Must use the Standard antivirus software to protect your system there are powerful anti virus Softwares are available for Free use that Standard Softwares. Antivirus is software  mainly Used to prevent or detect and remove the virus.Antivirus software gives the protection to your system from malware and threats and spam and online attacks and many more and antivirus prevents and detects and removes the malware and spyware so must use Standered antivirus software
Some Of the tips to Virus Detection and prevention:
Must and should Check with antivirus software if any connection made to your system and files are downloaded from the internet and also must check if any external hard disk is connected to your system if any malware find first remove it then only you can receive the data. Do not open the any files attached your email directly without knowing it.and you must careful in downloading the any files from internet.and must check and scan your system daily for protection and always be careful for security.


Password Security
Password Security
Must use complicated password to protect from the Hackers and Intruders. Password security is most important and protects your system very strongly.To provide the good security you must use the mixture of the numbers and letters  and capital and small letters because if you use the only single pattern the hackers can easily decode it finds your password so must and should use the strong password for your system .and also use your rememberable passwords strong passwords for strong and good protection


Always check and Update the System to Protect from the security issues.always Check and scan with antivirus software to remove and prevent malware.and check for updates because if your forgotten to update you softwares like antivirus if its validity is compleated then you are at danger zone if any antivirus attacks your system directly it can infect your system so always check for updates and if you found any need to update you must update and protect your system  and can be at safe zone.

How To Clear Cache in Crome Browser AutoMatically.

Open your Googel Crome Browser  and then click on the Cusomise and Controle Google crome 

Button which is Rite side Top corner Of The Browser.

Select the History Option and select the options like this

then click on the clear browsing data for clean all your current browsing history.and select the time

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Most Dangerous Brain damage habits in your Life

Brain the Most important part in the Human Body if the brain get effects then it will shows the effect on the all over body so the brain is the very sensitive part of our body every part in our body can be connected with the brain  if any small nerve is affected then its relative or respective part cannot be work so you can protect your brain with a special care by avoiding the Dangerous effecting  Habits 24kdm will discuss some of the brain damaging habits you can avoid or reduce that habits and protect your brain.

Smoking Habit:

Smoking is very dangerous habit it can cause multiple problems and it can eat  your life span mostly the cigarettes having the most dangerous nicotine it will effect on the brain and also harms the lungs if you get lung dieses it will not be recover and the smoking will reduce the memory power  and the smoking can effect not only on brain lung it will effects on the every organ in the body so you must avoid this most dangerous smoking.
Smoking Risks
Smoking Risks

Smoking Effects
Smoking Effects

Alcohol Consumption habit:

Alcohol Consumption is very dangerous habit it will brings long term effects for you as well as immediate effects like vomiting anxiety risk talking and vulnerable speaks and  it change the behavior of the human at the time of alcohol consumption and alcohol consumption can cause memory loss and long term drinker can get the permanent brain damage and very  serious mental problems and alcohol can effect on the learning power and memory power and other damages are 
cancer, blood pressure hypertension, lungs and liver damage,  also alcohol consumption will effect on the kidneys, fertility, bones, pancreas, intestine, weight gain, sexual health problems , and mental health problems and many more so you can  avoid the Alcohol Consumption habit.

Alcohol Risks and Effects
Alcohol Risks and Effects

Not Having enough Sleep:

It is also known as Sleep Deprivation habit. if you don't have a good and proper sleeping can results in the memory loss problems and many other serious problems like weight loss or gain, Daytime sleepiness. proper and good sleeping will gives recharging and boost up your brain  so proper sleeping is very important for  your whole body and mainly for Brain.

Sleep Deprivation Problem
Sleep Deprivation Problem

Avoiding of Breakfast:

Avoiding of breakfast is very bad habit most of the people avoids the breakfast for some reasons it will effect on the brain for this reason  some of the nutrients are  not supplied to the brain and the blood sugar levels also very low  that's the reason some of the brain cells will damage  so you must take proper breakfast at the proper time and  protect your brain.

Overeating habit:

Some of the persons will not eat properly and some of the people will eats heavy food the overeating habit will effects  on the brain and the food can have the some of the alcohols so they will effect on the brain and the overeating can lead the decreasing of the mental power so you can eat the sufficient amount of the food for every day.
Over Eating Effects
Over Eating Effects

High sugar Consumption:

The high sugar consumption will effects on the brain because it will interrupt the protein absorption in the brain so it can effect on the brain cells and cause the brain cells to damage and interrupt the brain development so you must avoid the excess sugar consumption

Air pollution effects on  the brain:

Brain consumes the more oxygen and it needs more oxygen if you are in the pollution there is no sufficient oxygen will be available so the brain will get effects this can decrease the working power and efficiency of the brain so always be in the good environment and grow the more trees at your home to get more oxygen generally trees will give the more oxygen so the oxygen can boost of your brain so always be in the good environment.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Great and Most Useful google apps for you

The world is changing the day to day and there are plenty of changes will come's every day there are many new inventions will comes and that will changes our lives and there are many useful things will be there some we know some we don't know 24kdm will tells you something like a useful knowledge discoveries and also tips and tricks these are very useful for in this we can discuss about the some of the new and useful apps.

Very Useful Google Keep app :

This google keep app is very useful in the quick capturing of your ideas.if you get any ideas then you can add your ideas in the google keep to add  text or images or voice you can login into the google keep using your own gmail account and in the google keep home page you can find an "Add note" click on it then you can write the text in the below you can find  4 symbols 1 is bell for save 2 is color symbol 3 is new line 4 is a add image in the four symbols you can click on the bell after writing and adding images  if you want to add the color you can add different color to the notes for easy identification purpose then you can click on the bell symbol that's all it can be save and displays for you it can be usable for any time Anywhere and access the ideas and info by login into the google keep by using the gmail account  it very secure because  it uses the gmail account if you want use it in offline to your system you can simply install if you want to delete  the created ideas you can simply delete the note there is an option. this service is free you can use and enjoy this.

Link:1. Google Keep

Google Keep
Google Keep 

Most useful Google Wallet app:

Google Wallet  can reduces you language and many of the risks factors like loosing of your cards. using with the google wallet you can easily pay the bills anywhere anytime  for online and for friends by taking the simple digital photos of your card both front and back otherwise you can enter your barcode and the information of the card on the google wallet card  and you can take that card anywhere and no need to take all the cards only the google wallet card is enough using of the google wallet you buy and spent you all the balance and the google wallet app can provides the 24 hours security and also gives security options for you lock your google wallet app with a PIN and  if you are lost the your google wallet app using device then you can call to the google wallet app customer office any time they can cancel your google wallet then gives a option for new google wallet app . its totally free use this and enjoy this app service.

Link: Google Wallet

Google Wallet Screenshot
Google Wallet Screenshot

Google Docs and Google Sheets App:

Using of this google docs and sheets you can create any of the documents and edit and write the documents using your devices like mobile or tablet or system whatever it may be you can create and access easily and the most useful feature of this apps is you can work and write the documents at realtime with your friends and colleague so you can work with compatibility and using of this you can send and share the data with your friends so if you have any mistakes  they will rectify at  the early time so the time wastage will removes so these apps are very useful.

Links: Google Docs
           Google Sheets
Google Docs
Google Docs

Google Sheets
Google Sheets

Google Translate app for free:

Google translator is one of the Most Useful app using this app we can translate languages between the 80 mediums and it can translates in natural way it can translate in any of the format that is speaking, writing, typing images any of the formats it can also usable at offline mode if we are in traveling at that time also it can be usable also it has a saving options also so the saved options can be accessible at any time it is also a free service and most useful service.

Links:  Google Translate

Google Translate
Google Translate

Sunday, 26 October 2014

The 5 Best apps to watch videos Real Time online with your Friends Together

For watching videos with your friends together online in the real time there are already a popular google hangouts are there but there are some other best apps will be there with some extra features and good workability let us go through the great and best apps.

First one is watch2gether app:

Using of this app you can easily connect and watch videos with your friends together  online in real time and at same time and this app will not ask you to start this app  you must go to the home page of  Watch2gether( and there you can click on the 'Create a Room' and then type your temper Nickname then this will takes you to chat room there you can add friends and chat and invite them to watch2gether the videos online at Realtime and you have another options to create a new room and invite your friends to join in that room or join a room which is already exists and then start the watch videos together with friends at real time  by using this app you can watch the parties and functions and any other events with your friends together and it has the options to watch videos from youtube, DailyMotion listen  music from the sound cloud so using this you can enjoy the waching2gether.

Second one is InstaSync app:

Using this app you can sync your friend to watch videos online together at realtime from the many video sources like youtube videos and some other video sources it can allow's only the free films only and also it includes many of the full-length movies and also it includes recent and in theater films that are released and in theaters and running movies also to use  this app you can setup entire playlist for watch with friends using InstaSync to do this  Go to  homepage( enter your nickname there and if you want to list your room as Public then it will displays on the home page displays as a public then other viewers can be  watch you watching videos instantly and realtime
and you can enjoy the videos and chatting with friends and sharing your opinions with all members.


Third one is TogetherTube app:

In this app also there is no need of registration but user want to register then his wish to register there
In this TogetherTube is different from the above two because in this together tube all the members and  all group of members in a democratic manner  it will gives a wonderful experience the video is selected  based on the group of friends by discussions which is interesting or not so it gives a good and best way to select a video if not selected in the democratic manner somebody will not interested to watch this video so it has the best option to watch the video with this every member has to be mention his own choice  to watch video. By Chat every person gives his choice to selection of video on the basis of the majority of the choices given video can be selected to watch in the chat and virtual'room' and if you want to join in the public rooms and enjoy the watching of the videos with your friend together at real time.

Together Tube

Fourth one is Sync Video app:

To use this app you must and should register because of the security issues and it can provides the more privacy and security to the users and it allows the users to watch the videos online with friends for free sync video will provides the full security for use this sync video user must be register the registration is also free.after the Registration the sync video will gives you the permanent account  that is called the 'room' that can be usable for anywhere and anytime and you can change your nickname any time and and create the rooms for free and invite the friends and watch videos and save that vides for later watch and if you want to make your room as public you can make it as any time and watch videos in real-time with friends.

sync video
sync video

Fifth one is  MyCircle TV app:

My circle tv allows the users to watch videos online in real time together  and  create a new group and join in a new group and also allows the users to make voice chat with friends at the time of watching videos online in real time so the users can express their feelings with their group members and all the friends and in this there is no  need to register if user want to register then only register and it is a free service if you want to invite friends from facebook, twitter and email then there is a facility to invite and login using social accounts and here the My circle tv provides 5gb of space to upload the mp4 videos and it is for only registered members if you want to use it simply you can use it and enjoy the app.
My circle tv
Mycircle tv

Note: If you are using this service  then please comment on out of this all which one is best for you               then it will useful for other users.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Latest InterNet Tips and Tricks Most Useful

Tips and Tricks to increase uTorrent download speed :

All the better quality movies and mp3 songs, audios, videos, games, softwares are  first comes in the uTorents But we are trouble in the downloading of this with high speed generally that are downloads very slow to resolve this problem we can provide some tips and tricks to increase your uTorent Download Speed.

Turn Off Your windows Firewall :

Very easy trick is  turnOFF your Firewall or turn ON the Firewall Exception this will increase your uTorents download speed very high. because there is no mediator between the network and the system and there is no wastage of the conversion time so directly comes to your system so uTorrents Downloading  speed increases More to do this you can go to Control panel then go to System and Security then go to Windows firewall there you can find an option windows Firewall ON or OFF then you can Disable it like in the figure .

Turn Off windows Firewall
          Turn Off windows Firewall 

Save Port in uTorrents:

To increase your Speed of your uTorrents Download you must save the port in the uTorrents for do this you must need to go into the uTorrents option there you can change the settings to do this go to uTorrents option and choose the  connection  from the preferences that is in new window after it a small window will appear select any one port from it.this will helps to increase your speed of the uTorrents.

Save Port in uTorrents
                             Save Port

Hide your ISP from network:

ISP means Internet Service Provider. Many times the ISP can be blocks at the time of the Downloading  this is one of the major problem at the time of downloading to resolve this you can use a connection encryption service like BTGurd for hide your can allow's you to download with a Rapid Speed and it is easy to setup but do this you need to open an account after this go to the  torrent client option and select  option and connect then you can get a high speed.

Friday, 24 October 2014

How to Secure a Wireless Wi-Fi Network

Protect Your Wireles Network:

wi-fi Security 
There are Many reasons to Protect your Wireless Network because to protect from the hackers and to avoid the slowness of the normal internet connection.if your data is limited then you can loose the data Unauthorised persons. if the Unauthorised persons are hacked they can enjoy the wi-fi without
paying of the money and access of your Files and data and always the hackers and intruders trying to access the unsecured networks always try to look who is  unsecured and finds the accessibility of the networks for free .by setting of some settings you can avoid a un security problems by following some precautions and protect your network very securely.

Encrypt your Wi-Fi internet Network:

When you are using the wireless network each and every piece of the data can be sent into the air that can be easily cacheable for everyone with the using of some tools  the hackers can find which website you're using or accessing and they can also know's your login details and password and username all the details of your account. Encryption is a method for converting the data into some symbolic or in other formats it cannot understand the hackers and intruders By using of this  method, the hacker or intruders cannot decode or find or understand your data directly

there are 2 encryption methods to protect the network that are WAP(wired Equivalent Privacy)
and WPA(Wireless Protected Access) but these are free tools to allow everyone  encryption by using
brute force method to use and Protect  or Provide high security Must Use the WPA2 it is the latest
technology and slandered for highest protection Make sure the devices which support the Wap2 encryption and use the Strong encryption method and use the mixture of the words and don't use common words.

Must Use Strong Passwords for your router:

Most of the users can't use the strong passwords for their network they can use default passwords for their network, it is the biggest mistake the hackers and intruders can use this and very easily track the passwords the manufacturer cannot be able to give the strongest passwords to the users because they can give the option to the users to change their username and password to their choice so you must change your user name and password very strong using mixture of letters and numbers.

Must Change Your Default SSID:

SSID  means Service Set Identifier its a name of your Wireless Network the default name is the manufacturer name itself with model number the hackers can easily find its ssid by using some methods so you can change by your own and do not broadcast your ssid if you're broadcast it the hacker can easily find out your network details using ssid so do not broadcast it.

Check for Connected Devices and Turnoff Guest Networking:

Guest Network

Every Router has the option to display which devices are connected to that router so you can check regularly for finding of the how many and which devices are connected to your network if you see unknown devices then turn off Guest networking because guest networkings are allowed the others to using of you'r networks so you can turn off the guest networking.

Enable Mack address Based Filtering:

MAC address identifies Each and every device is connected to your network Mac address is the mixture of the alphanumeric Key separated by the commas by enabling of MAC address based filtering allows the users or devices having only particular MAC address if you want give them to a connection you/owner must enter mac address to allow them to connect so without owners permission the others cannot connect so you must enable MAC address Filtering.

Up to date your Firmware Daily:

Keep up to date your daily because  router vendors regularly release the firmware you should daily check the vendors website for regular for updations and if it changes you can update your firmware gently .

Reduce the signal range and Turn off network:

you must Reduce the signal strength for avoiding of the caching of your network from hackers if hackers are connected to your network low signal will cause the slower connection to the hackers so they cannot use it if you're not using your network you can turn off your network to avoid the hackers if you not turn off then hacker has the long time to hack your network so don't give the opportunity
to hack your network so you can turn off your network when you are not using it.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Twitter Tips and Tricks latest

Set a Schedule For Automatic Future Tweets:

To set a Schedule For Future tweets means send your tweets at a specific time in the future
or send tweets for daily at a specific time for every day or month or year at a specific time
So this will useful in sending the birthday and marriage and all the wishes to your beloved ones at a scheduled time so using this you cant forgot to wish your beloved ones.
To Do this Scheduling you must go to the and sign up or login for free and schedule your tweets there or go to tweetDesk or Buffer then you can send tweets to your beloved ones without forgetting the occasion its very useful.

Deleting The Location From Your Twitter Account: 

Deleting Location From Twitter
Purpose: To Delete the location from your Twitter for New tweets and older tweets.
In sometimes, you don't want to show your location to all. if you want to change or delete the Location for your all tweets you must follow the below process.
Login you twitter account and then go to the Settings and then Go to the Securitythere you can see Delete all Location Button then click on that Button after clicking your Location removes from all your Current and old tweets. It's one of the twitter feature you may not know.

Set up Time to  Mobile Alerts From twitter:

Mobile Alerts From Twitter

Purpose: To Set up Time to Your Mobile Alerts on twitter
There is a option to receive a mobile alerts from twitter at our convenience time this mobile alerts are very useful because if we are not in the working of the twitter if our friends and colleagues are want to connect as at that time we can loose that and if our friends are working in the different time zones they can contact and connect in the different times so this trick is very useful to in this situations 

Go to twitter and login using your user id and password and after login go to the mobile section
and add your mobile number there if you are not added if added already then go to the settings
then change the settings for  your convenient time that all you can receive the notifications 
and alerts in your mentioned best time.


How To Gain More Followers in Twitter:

Add caption

Purpose: To gain More followers on twitter account
It is Easy now to Gain more followers in twitter by using the Small tricks and tips so you can get the more followers easily by engaging and Re tweeting very interesting posts and by using a good profile picture.

The easiest way of the Gaining more followers in twitter is follow the most popular leaders and celebrity's and sports persons political leaders and film stars and most influencing people in the world these people or celebrities having the more fans and followers so the highest numbers are following this celebrities so you must follow the this great influencing persons and persons so there is a more possibilities to  get there followers to your followers it is easier to get the more followers and you must always tweet most influencing posts and maintain a good profile picture

If Your Used this Tricks and Tips  Make Comment  on your Experience or How These  tips and
tricks are working

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hide Your Online Status in Facebook

Hide Your Online Status :

If we are in the facebook site it will shows the online status  to all the friends you have that friends are really Know or Not  By using this online Stats all the members are message you if you want to chat them or not they will not bother they continuously sends you the messages this will getting more messages  and all these are unwanted  To Avoid Unwanted Messages  to fix this messages you must follow the below .Login your own facebook account and  then look in the messenger list  right side of it  then click the gear at and then go and click on the Advance Setting and then select the friends to whom you want to chat and then turn off for all members you don't want to chat them .

facebook Status

Save  Facebook posts and read them in your Free time:

In the facebook account we experienced so many times at the time  we are in the busy if our friends shares any interesting events and news due to time constraints we are not able to read and if we want to see it later at our compatible time there is a more time to find it or sometimes it may not be available to avoid this situation we have an option to save the facebook posts you have to follow the below steps to follow this.

Process To Save:

To do this process First you Select the posts which you want to read later and save as a bookmark or save it for the latter use if any found important then you can select that post you want and after click on the "V" symbol which is at the right top corner then it opens a new window then click on the save which is like in the below image then its saved in saved items list which is below your profile .you not only save only posts you can able to save links and music and movies all the news and events etc

Save Posts
Save Posts

Save Location
Save Location 

 Process to open Saved Posts:

To open your saved posts you must go to  your own homepage and there at the left side you can find an "saved" option see in the image and open it and read it in yours free time and enjoy this Feature.

Saved Items List
Saved Items List

Find out who visiting your facebook profile Daily

We are discussing one of the interesting technique in the facebook that you may not be knows
To Check and know who are visiting  your facebook Profile  daily  or recently or all the members or people watching your Facebook Profile up to Now. and also watch their facebook profile and all the details about them like their recent activities and their friends and their likes and posts and all about them to do this you have to follow the process and do it now.


To do this you First you have to go to your Facebook  account  and login your facebook account by using your mail and password . then go to your timeline which is beside of your home button  or click on your profile name which can displays your profile then you can  view  your profile source code by entering CTRL+U  and then  go to the source code and in the source code page you can enter the CTRL+F  then it displays a small search box at the right side top of your profile source code then you can enter the or type in that box with  Friends list then it can displays (image1) and goes to the friends list with marked color  beside of the friends list you can find some numbers like in the image2 then you can select the only numbers like "100003845231093" and don't copy the -2 after copying of the number you can past like "" then it can displays a profile who are watched your profile then watch their details and enjoy this trick

source code1

source code2
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source code4

In Short:
1.Go to your Facebook Profile Page

2. Viwe source code or enter Cntr+U

3. Enter Ctrl+F and then Enter in search Type Friends list  then you can find the Friends list beside

  of the friends list there are some Numbers  copy one of that Number .

4.Past it in the Browser like this http// then click enter

then you will find the friends profile

Make your profile photo un clicable

Most of the members are un necessarily clicks the profile photos to avoide this unnessesary clicks

you must follow the below tips

To do this trick you must go to Yours Album and then go to Profile Pictures and Select Your Current

Profile Picture and then click on the settings to ONLY ME

Difference Between 916 and 24 kdm Gold

KDM Gold:

It is a Gold Jewelry that  jewelry was marked with a KDM stamp which means that  Jewelry was made and finished  with kdm or Cadmium. another Name of Cadmium is 'Kadium' in some of the areas. KDM was  used in soldering of gold And jewelry for kdm Natural good properties of  melting Nature at very lower temperatures, No other metal is like this Metal KDM is Famous  to create many toxic fumes when melted at temperature, which are very Harmful to health, the making of gold jewelry with cadmium some of the countries banned the usage of the Cadmium.So the cadmium have good nature also have some defaults.

916 Gold :

24 carat Gold is the 100% pure gold  which is The Standard gold  and 22 carat or ornamental gold is called as 916 gold which means 91.6%  pure gold and the rest percentage is  includes metals like silver ,copper and other metals  to get tensile strength to compatible  making.